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Pan-European Weight Loss Study

Pictures of Diets -> High Protein / Low GI-diet

Breakfast (1):                                                                 Breakfast (2):
rye bread dark wholemeal, egg, cheese 20+                        Milk (acidophilus cultured), crisp bread,
tomatoes, onion, skimmed milk, apple                                 cheese 20+, muesli, orange 

Lunch (1):                                                                         Lunch (2):

shrimp/prawn salad, egg, dried beans,                                  rye bread dark, lean meat, mackeral,
vegetables, skimmed milk                                                    tomato, vegetables

Snack (1):                                Snack (1+2):                         Snack (2):
vegetables, cheese                     vegetables, plum                      rye bread dark, lean liver pate


Dinner (1):                                                                         Dinner (2):                         
lean pork loin, potatoes, vegetables                                        turkey, vegetables, whole graine pasta
quickly fried                                                                         avocado, feta 5+, sweet green peas,   
                                                                                           skimmed milk 


Snack (1):                                                                         Snack (2): 
orange, nuts / almonds                                                         strawberries, nuts / almonds      

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