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Pan-European Weight Loss Study

Research Supermarkets

A research supermarket for the weight loss study exists in Copenhagen (Denmark) and one has been constructed in Maastricht (the Netherlands). Each centre has recruited between 70-90 families. Families participating in the study in these two centres have "shopped" for all their food in these supermarkets, which have been like normal supermarkets with fresh, frozen and shelved products. Approximately 1000 different food items were stocked, which covered the most common foods, and which varied according to season and to national preferences. All food from the supermarkets were provided free of charge.

The advantage of this special facility has been that a database of all the foods and their nutrient composition has been established, so that when each family shopped, a very accurate record of the nutrient composition of their diet was obtained as each food was "scanned" at the "checkout".
Dieticians have monitored the protein and GI content of the diets selected during the trial and have assisted to alter the selection of foods available to meet the design of the study if necessary.

This phase of the study has lasted for six months and is now followed by six months of help and advice to maintain the level of weight loss.


the research supermarket in Copenhagen

Establishing the supermarket at Universiteit Maastricht

The supermarket in Maastricht - May 2006

We have been very grateful to all our sponsors and suppliers who have provided food and products for the supermarkets free of charge - find out who they are here.


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