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ECO 2009
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Weight Loss Study

Four adult male elephants
weigh 8.500 kg, the amount of weight lost by
743 adults participating in
the Diogenes study.




D I O G E N E S   D V D

on research investigating weight regain




" If I look back now and ask myself if I would do it again, I don’t know, I am inclined  to say no. All the measurements, all the protocols, the fat biopsies - it is a big commitment. But if after one more year, I still have not regained weight and have still adapted my food intake, perhaps I will have another opinion – and say I would do it again. It is all in the head – that’s where it takes most time to establish change. "

With prevalence of obesity among adults and children reaching epidemic proportions across Europe, evidence based guidance on what works best for those who struggle to maintain a healthy weight is urgently required.
With 1000 family participants across 8 national centres, the data collected during the Diogenes study will provide the evidence base that policy makers and professionals need to make recommendations to consumers.

The progress of this 8 country human dietary intervention trial, focused on identifying the diets which are most successful in helping to stop weight regain after initial weight loss has been recorded on DVD.

The total recording is 30 minutes, broken into chapters or sections as listed below.
As well as mapping the project, the DVD contains useful insights from researchers and subjects on the challenges and benefits of the Diogenes study.

To watch the total film (30 minutes) click here
To watch one or more specific chapter. click on the titles of the chapters
      - chapter 1: introduction
      - chapter 2: Diogenes structure
      - chapter 3: Research Line 1
      - chapter 4: Clinical Investigation
      - chapter 5: Supermarket Model
      - chapter 6: Outcomes
      - chapter 7: credits

Prelimimary & full results
The data from all our subjects is now being analysed and initial results will be disclosed in May 2008 at the European Congress of Obesity (ECO) in Geneva.

Full results will be presented in 2009 at the Diogenes satellite meeting (5-6 May) as part of the ECO 2009 in Amsterdam.  To receive updated information on this meeting as it becomes available, please email

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For more information on the Pan European Weight Loss Study, check also here.

DVD Production:
Science Vision, Maastricht University
Directing and editing: Ger van Wunnik / Camera: Loek Peters




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