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Prevention of weight (re)gain

Satellite ECO 2009

Noordwijkerhout, May 4-6 2009


During the Satellite at the European Congress on Obesity in 2009 organised by Diogenes, new insights and results on weight (re)gain have been presented by Diogenes researchers and external experts, including:

- the relative efficacy of different diets varying in protein content and carbohydrate Glycaemic Index in preventing weight gain, regain and co-morbidities
- Genomics-based predictors of weight variation, and biomarkers of nutritional status
- Epidemiological identification of key dietary factors influencing development of obesity and risk of co-morbidities, across Europe
- A new set of psycho/behavioural tools to identify predictors of weight (re)gain
- An obesity risk and behavioural advice screening tool
- Identification of novel food ingredients systems, which induce satiety or satiation while remaining in the preferred sensory range

Scientific Committee:
Professor Wim H.M. Saris, Maastricht University, the Netherlands
Professor Arne Astrup, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Professor Dominique Langin, Inserm and Université de Toulouse, France
Professor Thorkild Sørensen, Institute of Preventive Medicine, Denmark
Dr. Monique Raats, University of Surrey, United Kingdom
Dr. Øydis Ueland, Nofima Food, Matforsk As, Norway
Dr. Claus Holst, Institute of Preventice Medicine, Denmark

Coordinating Office: Universiteit Maastricht
Department of Human Biology
Nutrim School for Nutrition, Toxicology and Metabolism

PO Box 616
6200 MD Maastricht
The Netherlands
Ph: +31 43 388 1743
Fax: +31 43 367 0976

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