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Targeting the obesity problem: seeking new insights and routes to prevention
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  Contract no. FP6-513946                 Priority 5: Food Quality and Safety
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ECO 2009

Diogenes Satellite ECO was held from May 4 - 6, 2009 at Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands -
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Pan European
Weight Loss Study



Diogenes is a pan-European Programme targeting the obesity problem from a dietary perspective: seeking new insights and new routes to prevention.

An Integrated Project of the EU Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (2005-2009).

The name Diogenes is the acronym and stands for "Diet, Obesity and Genes".

GI DATABASE - now online!!!

Information on the next level: A new methodology has been developed for consistent assignment of GI values to foods across the five European databases used in the Diogenes intervention study.  GI values have been assigned according to five decreasing levels of confidence:

(1) Measured values for specific foods;

(2) Published values from published sources;

(3) Equivalent values where published values for similar foods existed;

(4) Estimated values three values selected representing low/medium/high GI ranges;

(5) Nominal values assigned as 70, where no other value could be assigned with sufficient confidence.

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Diogenes Paper in New England Journal of Medicine !  

Diogenes is very proud to announce that the results of RTD1 have now been published in the distinguished New England Journal of Medicine.

You can find the paper (preview) and the accompanying editorial here:


- Larsen et al Diogenes NEJM online 2010 (preview)

- Ludwig & Ebbeling NEJM (Editorial)


Following press-release was submitted to media distribution outlet:


- Diogenes press-release English



Diogenes Paper in Pediatrics !


Diogenes is also proud that the first core paper on results of the children in RTD1 is now published in Pediatrics.

You can find a preview of the article here:


- Papadaki et al Diogenes Pediatrics 2010 (preview)

2011 EASO Björntorp Symposium

29 June-1 July 2011, Gothenburg, Sweden


Link to the website:














last updated on: June 1st , 2011

News Area

A contract has been signed between  Maastricht University, University of Copenhagen and CNG, in order to do a whole genome scan (GWAS) for further analyses of genetic variability and predisposition of obesity.

Analyses will be completed in the first half of 2011


The ORBAST (Obesity Risk and Behavioural Advice screening tool), is an online tool that helps people identify potential lifestyle change for weight management. The program was developed within Diogenes.

The prototype for the ORBAST online tool is now available at te website:

You can also download the

ORBAST distribution package here:


The ORBAST will be finalized soon.






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